Welcome to Graeme Regan Consulting. Planning that Inspires. 

Phone: 0419 603 644

Clients of Graeme Regan Consulting include leading public sector organisations.

"Graeme is a skilled facilitator and an innovative, experienced business planner. Graeme understands the complexity and requirements of planning in high profile public sector organisations." 

Graeme Regan provides corporate planning consulting and contracting services to leading public sector organisations.  Graeme can provide your organisation with rare insights that will revitalise your strategic business planning process in 2019.    

Graeme has over twenty-five years experience in strategic business planning, organisation improvement, grant applications, community consultation and corporate communications. 

Graeme’s approach is to offer proven and cost-effective solutions that work ‘on-the-ground’. He understands implementation issues and the operational realities faced by clients. 


Services include:

  • business planning facilitation and workshop design
  • integrated strategic planning and reporting 
  • business plans 
  • grant applications
  • organisational change planning
  • communication strategies
  • community consultation planning and survey design
  • annual report production